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Your Results in the Safest Environment

Thanks to the myDexChain ecosystem, your surveys, ads and more are at your fingertips.


Staggered endorsements and custom spending limits.


All Data is processed with Hash Algorithm with BlockChain Security.


You can speed up your transactions by giving rewards to your participants.

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Instantly interact with your customers

Thanks to the myDexChain ecosystem, you can access secure systems for restaurants, internet shopping, association elections and more.

You can get instant interaction from your customers or users and prepare your action plan accordingly.

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More Efficient Surveys Through Smart Contracts

You will find the shortest way to reach your users with myDexChain. Thanks to instant feedback, you will get reliable and precise results beyond the classical survey systems and most importantly, thanks to the hash algorithm.

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New Solutions to the BlockChain Ecosystem

A technology that can benefit the entire universe and relieve you of great burdens.

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  • Hash Algorithm

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Our Solution

A System That Brings You Closer To Your Users Instead Of Complex Systems

We bring Companies and Users/Customers together on a common ground and give them what they want. Individuals despise shuffling a lot of various frameworks. It backs them off, makes increasingly manual work and is certainly not an awesome encounter. That is the reason we're giving organizations one simple spot to control, oversee and track the whole spending procedure.

DRC-32 | Survey Protocol

A breath of fresh air for national electoral systems

Take a Chance Transition to Intelligent and Traceable Systems

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