When the regulations are completed, businesses using myDexChain technology will be added here.
2,000+ Companies

Take Control of Your Expenses

The myDexChain payment system allows you to follow every step, be fast and not be affected by inflation.

Your Earnings

Both you and the company win.

Easy Payments

Your payments are accelerated with the BlockChain-based NFC and QR code system.

Track Expenses

Follow the steps thanks to the reliability of the BlockChain ecosystem.

Get Report

You can report your instant payments with myDexChain.

Multiple Payments Easier On One Platform.

There are multiple payment methods with all existing tokens and stable crypto assets in the myDexChain ecosystem.

  • Secure Payments

    A Safe and Traceable Ecosystem

  • Transaction Anywhere Any Time

    Instant Payment Ecosystem Anywhere and Every Environment

Smarter Cards Keep You in Full Control.

Stay in control of your assets at any time with the smart and manageable card system

  • Total Control Over Spending

    You can set the limits of your cards as you wish.

  • Accounts Payable

    Check your accounts in detail thanks to myDexChain technology.

An Easy-to-Use, Detailed and Traceable Payment Ecosystem

Thanks to myDexChain, the payment system is possible with the assurance of BlockChain.

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